1. Mule
  2. Son of Mahamed "Ayr"
  3. Son of Madarkios "Habar Gidir"
  4. Son of Hirab
  5. Son of Madable "Dintawaq"
  6. Son of Abkal
  7. Son of Berdale
  8. Son of Samal
  9. Son of Sarire
  10. Son of Barahow
  11. Son of Rage
  12. Son of Mahamud "Dame"
  13. Son of Gorgate
  14. Son of Hawiye
  15. Son of Irir
  16. Son of Samale
  17. Son of Hil
  18. Son of Abrone

Mule Mahamed Madarkios

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Siblings (mother not known)

  1. Wae Mahamed Madarkios
  2. Ayanle Mahamed Madarkios
  3. Absiye Mahamed Madarkios
  4. Absiye Mahamed Madarkios

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