1. Mahamud "Duduble"
  2. Son of Hirab
  3. Son of Madable "Dintawaq"
  4. Son of Abkal
  5. Son of Berdale
  6. Son of Samal
  7. Son of Sarire
  8. Son of Barahow
  9. Son of Rage
  10. Son of Mahamud "Dame"
  11. Son of Gorgate
  12. Son of Hawiye
  13. Son of Irir
  14. Son of Samale
  15. Son of Hil
  16. Son of Abrone

Mahamud "Duduble" Hirab Madable

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Father: Hirab Madable Abkal

Duduble in 2016 have agreed that they are related to the reer Dudub Osman section of the Jibril Yoonis Gadabuursi.

Also the grave of Sheikh Dudub is buried in Awdal. I believe after the Adal wars that the Dudub went down south just like multiple other Somali clans and were absorbed by the Hiraab section. They are originally Gadabuursi.

Allahu A'lam - God knows best.

Written By: Doodi

Children born by ???
  • Mahamed Amal Mahamud Hirab
  • Awradein Mahamud Hirab
  • Arsade Mahamud Hirab
  • Maqlisame Mahamud Hirab
  • Eli Mahamud Hirab
  • Qordhob Mahamud Hirab
  • Daud Mahamud Hirab
  • Bisin Mahamud Hirab
  • Siblings (mother not known)

    1. Mudulod Hirab Madable
    2. Martile Hirab Madable
    3. Madarkios "Habar Gidir" Hirab Madable

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