1. Imam Dayle
  2. Son of Adke "Garein"
  3. Son of Kasanle
  4. Son of Udke
  5. Son of Kunle
  6. Son of Walmuge
  7. Son of Ajuran
  8. Son of Aqil
  9. Son of Adan
  10. Son of Ibrahim "Baladde"
  11. Son of Alama "Baqon"
  12. Son of Balad
  13. Son of Edimole
  14. Son of Kaley
  15. Son of Fas
  16. Son of Sirole
  17. Son of Hamare "Harmalle"
  18. Son of Samale
  19. Son of Hil
  20. Son of Abrone

Imam Dayle Adke Kasanle

1st Imam of Ajuran

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Died: C. 1400

Father: Adke "Garein" Kasanle Udke

First ruler of the Gareen dynasty

Written By: James Dahl

Children born by ???
  • Abdalle Imam Dayle Adke
  • Sarjeele Imam Dayle Adke
  • Hurtuba Imam Dayle Adke
  • Mahmud Imam Dayle Adke
  • Omar Imam Dayle Adke

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