1. Balad
  2. Son of Edimole
  3. Son of Kaley
  4. Son of Fas
  5. Son of Sirole
  6. Son of Hamare "Harmalle"
  7. Son of Samale
  8. Son of Hil
  9. Son of Abrone

Balad Edimole Kaley

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Father: Edimole Kaley Fas

Ajuuraan consider Balcad to be an Islamic Saint, and that his family was originally from the area of Berbera.

Written By: James Dahl

Children born by ???
  • Alama "Baqon" Balad Edimole
  • Quranjale Balad Edimole
  • Weyteyn Balad Edimole
  • Hintire War Balad Edimole

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