1. Dakhsore
  2. Son of Ajuran
  3. Son of Aqil
  4. Son of Adan
  5. Son of Ibrahim "Baladde"
  6. Son of Alama "Baqon"
  7. Son of Balad
  8. Son of Edimole
  9. Son of Kaley
  10. Son of Fas
  11. Son of Sirole
  12. Son of Hamare "Harmalle"
  13. Son of Samale
  14. Son of Hil
  15. Son of Abrone

Dakhsore Ajuran Aqil

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Father: Ajuran Aqil Adan

Ajuran had 9 boys and several doughters, the oldest of the boys is ' Waqle "the second is " Walamuge or Wadalmuge '. but Wadalmuge is the one who inherit the Sultanate and his desendants,.
then from there wadalmuge pass the sultanate to his first born " Gareen ", from there the sultanate become first born inheritance.

Written By: fargal

Siblings (mother not known)

  1. Walmuge Ajuran Aqil
  2. Sanle Ajuran Aqil
  3. Saremuge Ajuran Aqil
  4. Tore Ajuran Aqil
  5. Beidan Ajuran Aqil
  6. Badbeidan Ajuran Aqil
  7. Sore Ajuran Aqil
  8. Waqle Ajuran Aqil

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