1. Omar "Garre"
  2. Son of Matan
  3. Son of Riyale
  4. Son of Garjante
  5. Son of Ridhe
  6. Son of Gardheire
  7. Son of Samale
  8. Son of Hil
  9. Son of Abrone

Omar "Garre" Matan Riyale

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Father: Matan Riyale Garjante
Possible father by some accounts: Digil "Digalu" Daysame Orma

Ormaale is the son of ibrahim gardheere. He is a brother to GARRE and GARJIN

Written By: bill wajeer

Children born by Halimo Hawiye Irir

  1. Deili Omar Matan

Siblings (mother not known)

  1. Saransor Matan Riyale
  2. Ormale Matan Riyale

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